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Elizabeth was interviewed for a segment of  91.7 WVXU Cincinnati Public Radio's  Cincinnati Edition on January 21. Hear her interview.

Elizabeth Evans Fryer grew up in the village of Carlisle, Ohio. She earned her B.S. in Environmental Engineering Technology from the University of Dayton in 1992 and her M.A. in Professional Writing & Editing from the University of Cincinnati in 2003. She is owner of Suasive Communications, a professional writing and editing service that specializes in science and medical communications.

She's written for Websites and publications including

Besides directing the daily operations of Suasive Communications, Elizabeth writes a column syndicated to four weekly newspapers in Southwest Ohio. It's called Our Nation's Treasures and is about State, National and privately owned parks in the United States and, since she's nearly exhausted stories from her domestic travels, her international adventures--despite the name of the blog.

Please see the photo gallery for pictures taken at different stages of Elizabeth’s recovery. You can also read newspaper articles about her that were written at that time.


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