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Welcome to the site for My Lost Summer, the memoir of a woman who recovered from a coma when she was thirteen after suffering a horseback-riding accident.

The book gives readers insights into what a family experiences when a young member is seriously injured. If you have a child, you will inevitably put yourself in Babe or Elaine’s—the author’s parents—place, vicariously experiencing the sorrow, the fear, the helplessness, and the hope that they must hold on to when doctors tell them that their daughter will likely not survive.

 This story is for everyone:

  • Survivors of a head trauma—This book will give you an idea of the range of emotions your friends and family experienced during your recovery.
  • Friends of people whose child has suffered a head injury—Reading this will increase your compassion for their situation, helping you understand what your friends experienced during their child’s stay in the hospital.
  • Everyone else—This story that will inspire you, no matter what your situation, to never give up, always to have a hold on hope.

Please browse the site, see pictures from and read newspaper articles of Libbi’s recovery, and read the first five chapters of My Lost Summer.

E-mail the author at libbi@elizabethevansfryer.com.

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